Miau by Clara Rotescu @ Paris Fashion Week

Miau by Clara Rotescu @ Paris Fashion Week

Fashion week is all about spectacle.The Paris Fashion Week takes the cake because of its number and variety of shows, dedicating additional weeks throughout the year to feature menswear and haute couture collections in addition to the semi-annual fall/winter and spring/summer ready-to-wear shows.

Though for the most part the schedule is very much business as usual, there are a few surprises. Each day from morning to night, large and small brands host fashion shows at locations all around Paris.

With over 100 shows planed and a rich program of events, presentations and trade showrooms, the Spring/Summer 2024 edition of Paris Fashion Week took place from 29 September to 03 October 2023.

This edition came with many new brands such as Aalto, Koche, Bardash, or Desire Avenue, but also with many brands supported by the countries they belong to.

For the 9th consecutive year, the Romanian delegation returned as numerous as before the Pandemic. 28 companies producing clothing, accessories shoes and bags, presented their collections alongside the most important fashion houses in the world. With innovative collections, they waited for their customers in the best spaces, spaces fully subsidized by the Romanian Government, through the Export Promotion Program and supported by the ARCF association. The MIAU's brand by Clara Rotescu was among the companies present at Paris Fashion Week this year, exhibiting the latest collections and best-selling products.

Without a doubt, Paris Fashion Week is among the most enchanting moments of the year in fashion and keeps its charm until the spotlight and the paparazzi return for the next edition. These events inspire not only the viewers from around the world, but also helps the next generation of designers and creatives, challenging them to think outside the catwalk and encouraging the participation of the most relevant brands from different countries and cultures.

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