New Collection // Ombre Nomade Spring - Summer

New Collection // Ombre Nomade Spring - Summer

"Why do I have to settle...
To find a place where I belong?
I belong to this world and this time.
Just trying to find a place to rest this
nomadic soul eager for freedom!

Nature, Motion, Scent of earth,
Rest...and faded color melted by the sun,
Freedom, Simpleness, Shadow and Wind,
Natural, Together, Journey, Breezy,
Eternal nomad, on the horizon, everlasting, the sea.

Footprints left in the sand and the embrace of the seasons
A new mystery awaits beyond that peak
It gives me infinite ephemeral jewels. I called them flowers.
Day, night, day, night, day, night, day, night, d...
Hope is the last forntier,
Freedom is my religion."

Clara Rotescu's style is embraced by women who cherish life for its unpredictable nature, seeking beauty, wisdom and spirituality in each of its gifts and being grateful for every sight and the possible emotional bondit cand inspire.

For the spring-summer 2024 collection, Miau's brand drew its inspiration from the nomadic spirit and its different facades. A spiritual nomad finds inspiration and insights from being on the road and constantly exploring life. In that sense, this collection is specially designed for strong women who are deeply conscious of their beauty, individuality and strength.

Each piece of this selection is created for a free spirit, using flowy materials, simple cuts and bold prints. The type of nomade which inspired this collection can be considered the highest goal, as a spiritual nomad seeks to reach a greater understanding of how the world works.

The headline of the Ombre Nomade collection found its inspiration in free independent women who have different personalities and different ways of relating to life. They dare to see reality as a bridge between fantasy and perspective and enjoy present times while keeping in mind the past heritage.

Discover and enjoy our newest spring-summer collection in showroom and online!

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