Miau by Clara Rotescu
Let's Get Comfortable
Timeless pieces and a remix to Eastern European influences – this are the key words of Clara Rotescu lifestyle for woman’s who possess a strong personality.
"My work is a great remixing of cultural influences and timeless pieces. I love summer, I love colors
and I hate grey”

MIAU by Clara Rotescu world is one of seduction and charm, great vitality and a spontaneous sense of fun. For designer, fashion is a mix of sensation, a return to the past and a vision of the future, for a modern, sexy and feminine woman.​

MIAU by Clara Rotescu proposes the new contemporary vision of strong and cosmopolitan look for woman. Clara Rotescu’s style is embraced by women who cherish life for its unpredictable nature, seeking beauty, wisdom and spirituality, each of its gifts and being grateful for every sight and the possible emotional bond it can inspire. Deeply conscious of their beauty, individuality and strength they dare to see reality as a bridge between fantasy and perspective and enjoy present times as teachings gathered from the past ages’ legacy.​

Looking forward to master their future, they search within, highlighting their identity and refining their spiritual complexity by embracing the cultural heritage that lies in craftsmanship, harmony of colors and sacred motifs.​

They praise femininity through sensitivity and grace knowing that strength is an asset to be kept discreetly as a true mark of inner harmony. In total control of her potential and vision, Clara Rotescu’s muse lets herself inspired by her optimistic, playful spirit in transforming life into a fairytale.

Main Office & Showroom
74 Ion Neculce Str., District 1, Bucharest Romania
+40 756 333 600